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"INCBA commends President Biden for leading the push to move marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III. This is a historic turning point that marks the most significant progress in the national cannabis legalization movement to date. This move marks a crucial step towards harmonizing federal law with states and the will of the majority of Americans that continue to call for cannabis legalization. By taking this critical step, we can begin to foster a cohesive national regulatory landscape and a sustainable cannabis industry.


The decision will eliminate the unfair tax burdens imposed on state-regulated cannabis operators and could pave the way for greater access to financial services and resources to build a sustainable industry and improve access to safe and effective plant medicine. In recognizing cannabis’ therapeutic benefits and revisiting unfounded narratives surrounding its purported harm, HHS and DEA have dealt a major blow to the stigma that has justified cannabis prohibition and made a clear break with the War On Drugs approach to cannabis marked by the unjust imprisonment of thousands and dramatically disproportionate enforcement against communities of color.


Indeed, while this is a landmark moment, much work still lies ahead. We urge cannabis activists and industry participants alike to actively support DEA’s proposal against the modern-day prohibitionists who will fight aggressively to ensure that the proposal never becomes law. We also urge federal lawmakers to seize this moment and work towards comprehensive reform that ends and redresses the harm of prohibition, creates a sensible and cohesive regulatory framework with a pathway for continued access to safe and regulated cannabis.


We express deep appreciation to everyone who has tirelessly fought for change, from the movement’s founders to the new leaders championing meaningful reform. You’ve brought medicine to patients, freed the imprisoned, fought to heal our veterans, and called for restoration of communities. It is only through your dedication and perseverance that we have gotten this far, and it is only with you that we will see the end of prohibition. INCBA is proud of the roles that its members have played in this movement and of the great work they will be doing to support its cause in the days and years to come.”


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