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"INCBA commends President Biden for leading the push to move marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III. This is a historic turning point that marks the most significant progress in the national cannabis legalization movement to date. This move marks a crucial step towards harmonizing federal law with states and the will of the majority of Americans that continue to call for cannabis legalization. By taking this critical step, we can begin to foster a cohesive national regulatory landscape and a sustainable cannabis industry.   The decision will eliminate the unfair tax burdens imposed on state-regulated cannabis operators and could pave the way for greater access to financial services and resources to build a sustainable industry and improve access to safe and effective plant medicine. In recognizing cannabis’ therapeutic benefits and revisiting unfounded narratives surrounding its purported harm, HHS and DEA have dealt a major blow to the stigma that has justified cannabis prohib

WEBINAR RECORDING: Germany Goes Recreational – An overview of the changes and the expected consequences

  INCBA Europe Co-Chair, Kai-Friedrich Niermann from Germany , provides an overview of the changes and the expected consequences, moderated by INCBA Europe co-chair Daniel Haymann from Switzerland and INCBA UK member Robert Jappie . Please feel free to enjoy the recording below, and be sure to follow our blog and our YouTube channel for more, great free cannabis law content. 

WEBINAR RECORDING: So, You Want to Be a Cannabis Attorney

On April 30th, 2024, INCBA's Students Committee , in collaboration with INCBA's Ethics Committee , presented a special webinar entitled; "SO YOU WANT TO BE A CANNABIS ATTORNEY?" Our speakers, Student Committee Co-Chairs Alexis Lazzeri and Callie Hoffman , along with Ethics Committee Chair Marialle A. Bell discussed what it means to be a cannabis attorney, ways to pursue a career in this dynamic field, and unique ethical considerations for attorneys practicing in this industry. Please feel free to share with anyone you know who may be considering this career path!